About Us


We would first like to express our gratitude to you, yes YOU! We truly are so thrilled to be sharing our passion for interior design and home hosting with such a lovely community. We are Aly (left) and Ava (right) and it is a pleasure to meet you!

Our love of housewares and aesthetics first developed in our senior year of design school. We shared a flat and loved the process of curating decor that fit both of our styles at an affordable price; We were students after all!

Despite busy schedules and tight deadlines we always made time to host dinner parties and cocktail festivities chez nous. It was in these moments we realized our talent for designing beautiful spaces. Our friends and family were always asking where to get the various knicks, knacks and pieces around our home. At the time however, we chuffed it off to be a fun hobby and were happy to take pride in our humble home.

Soon after graduating we both landed jobs that paid the bills but we felt our creative intuitions were just not challenged or exercised enough. So we made a BIG decision..

We decided to take control and finally give in to our aspirations of creating a brand that inspired girls like us to create moments of connection over design and aesthetics.

We took the plunge and launched this website that showcases our take on how homes should be decorated. With a lot of passion (and coffee!) we spent our mornings, afternoons and evenings well into the night to bring you a beautiful collection of goods for the home & beyond. These products are now open to you with the hopes that they will bring some beauty in to your everyday life.

Aly & Ava <3